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Kardiológiai Technikus állás Dél Anglia

Cardiac Technician Job South of UK

      We are currently recruiting for a BSE Accredited Echocardiographer
Duties include: Work in a busy Cardiology department alongside their existing team  to scan and report Echoardiograms independently, and to the BSE standard.

Skills & ExperienceThe ideal candidate would have previous hospital exposure in a similar environment.

24 Hour Tape Fitting
BP Monitoring
Exercise Testing
Respiratory/Lung Functions
Tape Analyses
Cath Lab

RequirementsDegree in Clinical Physiology and the BSE accreditation.

Benefits to you

Excellent rates of pay
Bonus incentives
Posts with accommodation & travel allowance
Free visa, tax and banking advice
Jobs range from Echocardiographers, Pacing, Cardiac Technicians to Clinical Physiologists. Grades range from MT01 to MT04.

If you are interested, please send us your CV on the info@doctorsabroad.hu or doctorsabroad@yahoo.com email address.

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